In my journey I have come across a lot of material that has both challenged me and changed my perspective on life.  I came into this journey knowing that I wanted to teach a classroom and ready for they challenge.  I did not realize that my core beliefs would be challenged and that at times I will need to retrain the way I think.  The resources I have listed so far, come from my ECS courses 100 and 110.  I have had great teachers that both share a passion for the information they are presenting.  This makes learning the information enjoyable and easy to hold onto.

I find that in the majority of my courses we are really digging deep into Gender Diversity, Sexual Orientation, Racism, Classim, Ableism, Sexism and finding how to normalize our society instead of  constantly segregating and separating everyone.  How are we going to teach a classroom full of diversity?  Some of which we are aware of, and some which we are not aware of?  How will we bring an equality to our classroom?  For me it is not only in the classroom, but everywhere I am.  If I am going to teach and model this behavior, I must extend it into all aspects of my life.


ECS 110:

ECS 100:

book  Textbook for course.






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