Living in a village with SLOW internet…

Okay people, especially my class #ecmp 355, you may have thought that something bad happened to me or that I was in danger, but I reassure you that I am fine.  My internet has been horribly slow and I have been stuck around the house.  So I apologize that I haven’t posted my awesome fiddle progress, but waiting for my videos to upload to YouTube has been EXTREMELY painful!!

So now I have access to some quick internet, so I will be back in the game.  I really wish that I didn’t have to depend on the internet so much.  I feel like it controls my life now… lol

I will tell you how bad it is, for those of you that know me really well (probably only Kim Thue in this class) You would know that I don’t swear, and I don’t like to swear.  The internet connection is so slow though, that I JUST ABOUT swore.  I know, I know, it was close.

Anywho, be prepared for some posts!

Digital Citizenship vs. Citizenship?

Going through this class for #ecmp355, I have really begun to think about my own personal digital citizenship.  In reflecting in that, I have found that I feel that I have been careful over the years, because I have made good choices for most of my life…. (insert pat on the back and a bit of eye roll).

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I have been careful with what I write as well as not joining in on unending rants, and being careful who I let in on my social media feeds.  That being said, I believe that my digital citizenship is a good way to learn more about me and who I am.  What you see is what you get!  I am fairly equal in my digital life as I am in my social life.  The only thing you don’t see, is me loosing my mind or being very very angry.. (it happens).

I find that because digital citizenship is more comfortable to say, post, or do things, you tend to learn more about an individual than you would to meet them in person.  Students that you will be teaching, will say more on an instagram post, facebook post, or any other social media feed than they would to your face.  The trick is, though, that it is deemdinappropriate to frind your students on any social media if you are teaching them.  Which I find understandable.  I know it is to protect us mostly, but then in this day in age, how do we communicate the best or find out our students the best way, if everything is on a digital basis?

Below is a compilation video I made of how I use social media to portray my citizenship through snapchat and selfies.


Creeping on Kim …

So we are sleuthing a partner in class online for  Ecmp 355.  I must say, I felt like I was secretly invading on Kim’s personal life.  Although, is it that personal if I kind find it online?  It also got me worried about what he was going to find out about me.

So, here are my findings on Mr. Kim Thue!

First of all I googled his name, and the first site in the list was work related.  Kim worked for Global news in Saskatoon and you can find some of his work that he has done.  He is a very good writer, so now I know why he can write an essay so well!

It is not easy to find a picture of Kim on the internet, but I did find this beauty … I only know that this was Kim because I have met him before.  The images portrayed before this one were all of african american people.  All that I could find of Kim was work related, so I decided to refine my search and 411 him.  NOTHING!! I do not know how to get ahold of Kim or even find out where he lives.

So I went to Facebook, and folks that were I found…. NOTHING! again… now I am starting to panic.  So I finally went somewhere that I know he is.. Twitter  and I know that you can add @thuekim on twitter.  There I found that he is a dad, husband, student, he wants to be a teacher and he is old.  Oh sorry, he is an old student!

Clearly, Kim is not out there for the world to know his business.  He has a fairly private life.  I can tell by his twitter account that he has two cute girls.  Way to go Kim, you are hard to sleuth or creep on!


A new age …. continually learning

Started watching An anthropological introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch.  To be honest, after a few minutes the language he was using to discuss his material had me lost.  The just of the message that I was getting was that YouTube, as a means of social media, is just one of many tools that are being used to reshape humanity.  YouTube, once shared through other sources as well as, tagged, liked, posted, viewed and so on, becomes unlimited to the people it reaches throughout the world.

This week in my ecmp 355 class, Alec shared with us and taught us about the capabilities of the internet and the tools we have access to, to implement within our classroom as teachers.

I believe that through these two speakers we need to stay educated with what all people have access to, and how to use it, in order to stay engaged with our students and their families.  It is useful to understand the language of technology so that we may have better ways of communicating with our students and parents.

I already see the shift of communicating via facebook, email, twitter, etc. from the school, instead of sending notes home.  This is more environmentally friendly, but the fact is that parents are more likely to see a note sent to a device than sent home in a backpack.

Frustrated with LIZA JANE… lol

okay so I have run across some interesting fiddle instruction.  I have found that the sound of the YouTube clip makes a huge difference to me.  If I have my computer volume all the way up and I still can’t hear the voice or it is muffled, that completely irritates me, like a certain channel.

So one thing I appreciate about YouTube is that  when you are searching for specific video there are other options on the right hand side that are related to your search.  this is how I found help with technique on the fiddle:

So I have used these techniques to help with the first song I am learning which is LIZA JANE…. oh poor Liza Jane may sound sick in my video clip….

Please be understanding .. lol




Class dojo .. an option for handling all kinds of behaviors!

Well here is an app that is used in one of my daughter’s classrooms.   I didn’t know too much about it so I had to look it up online.  If you are interested in learning how to use it after you see what I have posted, take a look at a great tutorial.

Here is a short video on what class dojo is all about:


Class dojo was developed to moderate behaviors within the classroom.  You can use this app at home with the kids as well.  It is a reward based system that encourages good behavior and helps set out goals for what the good behavior is for.  For instance, if you reach so many points – free time, or a movie, or a pizza, etc.  This can be built upon together with the students and teachers. This gives the students a chance to participate in the reward, and have a sense of control.

As well, Class dojo has videos for the classroom that relates to behavioral issues.  These are all on YouTube and this is all free for use.  They are under the category ClassDojo, these videos are about perseverance, empathy, growth mindset, mindfulness, etc.


  • This app is an avitar based app.  Each student can individualize their own avatar, as well as, the parents are involved and get to see how their children are doing.
  • You can record positive behavior as well as negative behavior.
  • Teacher, parent, and student are connected
  • great way to encourage positive behavior equally for all students.


  • The teacher must be diligent in watching every child’s behavior and activity.
  • Some kids may struggle more than others, so what are fair rewards.

One Idea is to have the class try to earn a set amount of points together for a reward, that way all children can benefit if they are working together as a team.

Beginner Fiddle… Cover your ears!

Okay so if some of you are unaware, I am a musician already.  I am classicly trained in piano, self-taught guitar and I am a vocalist as well.  So this week I decided to start out with playing scales first to get used to the fiddle.  You have to have a very good ear to play the fiddle because unlike the guitar, mandolin, banjo and other stringed instruments, this family of instruments does not have frets.  Frets are basically guidelines of where to place your fingers.

I am basically finding online videos, I haven’t found one that I really like yet.  So this is just the basics of a scale.  Once I find a really good online teacher I will post next week who I am going to learn from.

One thing I like about learning online is that I can work at my own pace and I can start and stop the video as I need.  I am not liking the fact that I can not ask on the spot questions to know if I am doing something correctly.  I have told my daughter not to help as I want the full experience of depending on online teaching.

So I posted a video of my daughter whom I would like to play like, as well as me showing some of my actual skill on the piano and then the second video is of me trying my best on a scale.  Hope you enjoy!



Hashtag here, hashtag there…. twitter!

So I am new to the world of twitter.  I have social media sources that I use such as Instagram, facebook, snapchat, but let me tell you that twitter is a whole new level of interesting for me. #dontbeafraidtotrynewthings

First off, I want to share with you this youtube clip that I came across a long time ago.  I thought it was funny then, but it has brought a whole new level of understanding for me since I have joined twitter. #gonnabefunny #prepareyourselftolaugh #ifeelridiculousdoingthesehashtags #lol

#Ihopeyouenjoyedthat #jimmyfallonJTourtwoofmyfavorites

Okay, So after joining a chat on twitter, I really enjoyed it for the fact that you can be yourself and there is a lot of good connections to make as well as different points of view.  It is the only time you can be in a group of 30 people and all answer at the same time with being heard.  The conversation does move quite quickly and I was also irritated with the fact that I could only type a certain amount of characters.  Other than that, I really think it is a great way to communicate in a short amount of time about a lot of things.

I was really impressed with tweet deck, as you can see more than one thing going on at a time and it is really organized well, which is good for my brain.

I have expressed some of my frustrations with all of the new social media stuff that I have been introduced to, but this process I was happy with and felt that it has good merit to its purpose.

FEEDLY…. I thought you said Feed Me! Lol

So my least favorite thing to do is fill my social media spots up with things and other sources that are not someone or something I know to follow.  I like to keep to a community of people I know.  This is a weakness of mine.  So as we had thIMG_1167e task to follow certain pages, blogs or groups I have been very hesitant.  It is kind of an anxiety thing for me.. 😊

In this process I have come across a few places to follow that I find interesting already so I am happy with my decisions so far:

So as you can tell I have only made two categories.  One is family and the other is education.  Slowly but surely I am getting there.  Under education you may notice that I have added, there is a reason for this.  When I was growing up, I used to look up a word and its meaning and then challenge myself to use the word properly within sentences for a week.  I think this is fun, and with they post a word for the day with its meaning and I need something like that because I misuse words quite frequently.

IMG_1169My favorite add-on right now has got to be “hands free mama”.  Rachel Macy Stanford is a mother and an author.  This page is filled with her blog posts of everyday living and inspirational thoughts about being aware of our expectations, words we use, our thoughts and how we pass those things onto our children.   As a mother of three girls, I find her blogs very valuable because we need to be cautious of how we speak to our daughters and what we I still within them on a daily basis.  I find her thoughts and blogs very similar to my parenting style and so I have an appreciation for her reflective writing.



So I know I will continue searching for sources to follow, but like I said it will be a process for me… as I do. I don’t want to fill my life with unnecessary things that do not effect me!

Mastering the fiddle…. lol

So for my learning project, I have decided to complete a task that I have been humming and hawing about for a few years.  So this is perfect timing to dip my feet into this project.  If you looked at my e-portfolio, you may notice that under About me I have a tab called music, check it out if you like.

I have been a music teacher for 12 years now.  I teach guitar, piano, ukulele, and voice.  My oldest daughter is an amazing fiddle player, so I have decided to learn the fiddle.  She was quite upset when I told her it was something I had to learn online.  She said, “That’s stupid, why would you do that when there are very talented and good teachers right around you?”.  I told her it was par for the course, and she does not approve of learning that way! As I am laughing in the conversation I am very glad that she sees the importance of having face to face instruction.

I picked the fiddle because I have never tried it, the only advantage that I have is that I have learned many instruments and have training in sight reading and theory.  This task will still be very tricky.  I think the biggest challenge right now is finding proper instruction so that: a) I don’t learn improperly, b) that I have an instruction that is not too slow, but not too fast,  and c) That I find it enjoyable.