About Me

036My name is Jacqueline Walbaum.  I am just about to enter my 4th year of university to obtain my BEd in middle years.  I am very passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge in a fun creative way.  I have been a music teacher for 13 years, teaching piano, guitar, voice and musical theater.  I volunteered at the Stoughton Central School and incorporated a k – grade 12 choir.  The choir started with 12 kids and over the last 6 years has grown to between 40 – 50 members.  I teach using a call and response method so that children are learning by using their ear.

One of my favorite jobs is being a mom and a wife.  I have three beautiful children all who are now in school full time.  They are ages 13, 11 and 8.  They keep me on my toes and they keep me creative.  We are a musical family.  My husband and I have completed our first CD.  Our name for our group is Wool Tree Grove.  We travel doing house concerts and other events throughout the year to keep us busy.

My three beautiful girls. Why education has become so important to me!
My three beautiful girls. Why education has become so important to me!

In the summer when the school is closed I lifeguard and teach swimming lessons.  I love teaching swimming lessons because I get to teach to a variety of children and ages.  I am often teaching two to three levels at the same time, which can be challenging and fun all at the same time.  It is a great summer job because I get to see kids and my kids can come with me as well.

Through the school year, I work as an Educational Assistant at the Stoughton Central School.  I have done so for the last four years.  Now that I am traveling to Regina for classes, I do this job as a sub, whenever I can fill in.  I love this job.  It really tests one patience and brings a whole new perspective to the challenges to teaching.  I work with a wonderful team of teachers.  I love building relationships with the kids through school work and music.  It is such a reward to walk through the school having kids smile when they see you or stop to tell you exciting stories about their weekend.  I am so thrilled that I am taking the next step to becoming a leader in the classroom.

I love to have fun.  I believe that we need to live life to its fullest, not taking for granted or trying to rush any moments.  I don’t want to be at the end of my life full of regrets.  This is the reason that I am becoming a teacher later in life.  I know this is what I want to do for a living, so I am not going to let my age stop me from living out my dreams!  I want to be able to be an example to my children, and their children.


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