This is a clip of one of many performances my husband and I have done.  We perform quite a bit at a local restaurant in Forget, Saskatchewan called The Happy Nun.  My husband and I also host the open Mic night at The Happy Nun once a month.

Music is a very important part of mine and my families life.  I have taught music lessons for twelve years.  I teach piano, guitar, voice and musical theater.  I also have volunteered my time to put a choir together at our local school for the last 6 years.  I find that music helps children learn and helps them retain knowledge by helping them memorize and be creative.  I love using arts and music to bring more energy in the room.

Currently I am part of two separate groups.  My priority band is WoolTree Grove.  It consists of my husband, myself, Ivan Huriet (Drums) and Tom Richards (Bass).  We are in the midst of completing our first CD.  We travel and do House Concerts and other types of Gigs.  The other group I am in is called My Lady Lydian.  It consists of myself, Ameena Koulach and Kaitie Rieder.  We perform acappella music.  We formed our group at a music camp that I teach at in the Summer.  I teach a vocal class at the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party Camp.  This is always a highlight of my family’s summer.  We have made friends with many amazing Canadian Musicians.  Check out the links below to find Wool Tree Grove’s Facebook page and to see what the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party is all about.

The pictures below show a little of some of the areas I love to work in.

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This is my musical theater group from 2015. We performed and recreated as a group, the musical “Annie”. Ages ranged from 6 – 14.
Here, I am recording for my CD. My husband and I write music and are in the midst of making our first CD. Wool Tree Grove is the name of our group.
I perform at The Happy Nun regularly. It is located in Forget, Sk. Always a joy in my life to be able to express myself in music.
This is a picture of my husband and I performing. It is such a great gift to be able to share and play music with the ones you love the most._MR35641

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