ECS 110

My eyes have been opened to a great many things that I have not had to think about before.  Everything from race, sexism, classism, ableism, gender, sexual orientation, residential schools, white privilege and even who I am and how I think.  I have had to dig deep into where I have come from and some of the prejudices that have been instilled into my own life that I never knew was there.  I have always viewed Canada as being multicultural, peaceful and Kind.  That is until I have read, researched and discovered different truths that I was unaware about.  This class has taught me to open my eyes to what surrounds me everyday.  I need to be aware of what is happening in my world, in our world.

The following links are assignments that I have completed for the ECS 110 course through the University of Regina.

critical autobiography narrative



The Influence of Music and Lyrics Have on Human Behavior.  NOTE that some of the content is for Adult EYES only!  Some lyrics from some of the songs in this presentation are explicit.





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