My IDEAL Classroom

My Ideal Classroom would be organized and clean.  I would implement some good shelving and organizational boxes for the kids to keep their items in.  Also have everything labeled.  I would love for them to have organizational shelving in their lockers to help them keep their binders and books organized.  This would help keep subjects and transitions a bit faster if everyone knows where there stuff is.  This would also allow me, the teacher, to help children that struggle with organization to guide them in a more efficient way.

I love natural light and think it is important, way more beneficial than the humming lights.  I would love to have circle desks with baskets in the middle of each desk that holds the pencils and erasers, possibly glue sticks.  In the back corner, I would have a Discovery/Care Corner.  This would have a fish tank with a few fish to take care of and a few plants.  Children would be in charge of feeding and caring for the fish, also cleaning the tank out every so often.  Along with watering the plants and maybe teaching the children about how to plant seeds and having them watch their own plants grow.  This would give them a sense of responsibility and ownership within the classroom.  In order to know who gets a turn and making sure everyone shares the tasks.  I would organize small groups that would have the responsibility for a week.

In the opposite corner I would have a Reading/Music/Relax corner.  This would have a nice fuzzy carpet, complete with some pillows and some comfy seating.  This corner would be complete with listening to reading on an ipad with pre picked books that have been approved.  This corner would also be used as a debrief in the morning where we could go and talk about what they want to talk about.  Anything from the weekend to what they want to be when they grow up.  I also have an app on the ipad called BREATHE.  This app is used for children or adults with anxiety issues.  So if a child is having a frustrating day or a hard time concentrating to work, I would let them go to this corner and use one of the sessions to help calm their mind.  I also love music so we would be able to do some music in this corner.  Also in this corner I would feature a student of the month.  This would not be depending on behavior, every child would be the student of the month.  This would be a picture of the child on the wall and I would put a few kind things about the child.  Then during the week every child in the class would put a word or a sentence that was positive about that child and post it on the wall.  At the end of the week, the child could take it home to put on their own wall.

For seating for the children I would have the option of hockey stools or rocking chairs depending on the needs of certain children in the classroom.  I would also have one standing desk located behind the circle tables in case of a child that needed to stand while doing work.

One other option I would like to have in my classroom (again, depending on the kids in the classroom) I would have a little ball of plasticine for each kid.  Just the size of the palm of your hand.  When we are discussing about a subject that is having them think and use their minds to talk, I would let them use it.  I find that children think better when they have something in their hands to mold or squeeze.

These are just the beginnings of some of my ideas.


  • That it is my job as a teacher to be aware of how each student learns best and find a way to reach them.
  • That we learn by doing, not just by hearing.
  • That positive reinforcement and acknowledgment sow seeds that we may never see as teachers.
  • It is important to verbally speak life, positive thoughts and encouragement into each student as many times as we can in a day.
  • That a great teacher is selfless.

Below are some ideas that I have searched and found that I would like to implement in my future classroom.

Great use of space and Storage keep organized and a nice clean looking space.



I think a fish tank with live fish and plants would make a great learning and discover area.  Students can learn the importance of responsibility and care for living things by helping take care of the plants and fish tank by feeding regularly.  Also, cleaning the fish tank and making sure pots are big enough for plants.  They can take ownership in all of it.


Below is pictures that I believe are important in a classroom.  Visual is key to learning.  Students can tell if you put time and thought into your lesson planning.  I believe it makes a difference.  Make learning exciting and grab the attention of students minds.  There are many fun ways of learning.


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