ECS 100

If you would have asked me when I graduated what I wanted to be, the last thing on my list would have been a teacher.  I did not like school when I was growing up.  It was not because of mean kids or bullying.  It was because I was creative, a dreamer (day dreamer), I loved art and music, but not much else.  I struggled with math, science, social and history.  Those subjects bored me, so I often found my thoughts wandering to things I was interested in.  In the school my kids attend we don’t have a music program, and the art program is sad. I know that when I become a teacher, that is a talent and gift that I can bring to the table.  I believe that music and art are key components to learning.  It connects us all together whether it be gender, race, age or sex.

By sitting in the classroom as an E.A., I work with kids that have behavioral issues and that are in grade 6, but they have a reading and writing level of someone in grade 2.  I find that they get easily frustrated because the work that is put in front of them is beyond their capabilities.  It was in a moment where I found a way with music and I myself would adapt their work into a more creative way of learning the information that a light bulb went off in my head, “Jacquie, You are a teacher!”.  I love when I see a child begin to UNDERSTAND their work instead of just going through the process of using formula’s.  I love when I see a child find what it is they love, or how they learn the best way.  I love building relationships with these young beautiful minds because they are just like little sponges.  They can soak up so much information and learn so many things if it is presented in the right way.  I know the politics of teaching are not always fun, I listen to all my co-workers.  The thing is at the end of the day when you see that you may have lit a fire or sparked a flame in a child, it is the most rewarding feeling.


With that being said, I will share some of what I believe.

I Believe:

Fair does not look the same for everyone

We should be continually learning throughout our lives, once we feel we have “arrived” we have shut people out.

When you drop your expectations of a child/ren, You have given the impression that “You give up” or “They are not going to make it anyways”.

We teach people how to treat us.

And I will just end with a kind of humorous quote that I love “Life without music would Bb(be flat)”

Below are assignments that I have completed within the ECS100 course through the University of Regina.