Personal development project!

An assignment was given to me in my EPE class in university to come up with a Personal Development Plan.  We were given freedom in what we chose, but it was supposed to be something that was beneficial to our physical, emotional, spiritual well being.

It was no question to me what I was going to do.  I already felt like I was unbalanced in my life and I was aftaid that my family was feeling the brunt of this imbalance.  So I chose to direct my plan to spending more time with my family amongst the chaos of school, work, and family.

We had to fight the battle of a busy lifestyle, with becoming organized and scheduled in order to make the plan work.  Sometimes the weather was a challenge to plans that we made, but there was always a solution when it was about spending time together as a family.

This is important for me to put into practice so that when I have a full time career I will know how to plan for family. Too often we let life take control and we lose our time in a blink of an eye.  I want to be mindful of today and remember what I have right in front of me.

The following is a reflection of my journey, I hope you enjoy!


End of my learning journey..

Well it is … to say that this is it for ECMP 355, unless I have failed the class.  I have put together this digital compilation for you all.  There is a very creative song at the end so please stay tuned..


Activism ONLINE….

This is something that I steer clear from… If there is one thing that I find irritating on facebook or online it is people posting there stance on a certain issue, whether it be political, religious, or even racial and then to see the banter that it creates for everyone to see.

After reading Katia’s post my point of view was altered a bit.  I still have a tension within my own life of what is worth posting and not.  If I can’t decide or if it feels to uncomfortable for me I tend to not post or react.

I have made a rule for myself to not get involved in any sort of banter online to deal with big issues, because I feel that my words are lost over the hundreds of other people that comment and in turn what has that accomplished?

I feel that if people are making educated posts, comments, and standing up for the right reasons that the activism can be positive and influential.  More times than not I feel like it becomes a boxing ring and a lot of people become inhuman and animal like in there attacks against each other.

This may be wrong of me, but I like to stay out of the lime light.

Fiddle frustration….

So I have been frustrated with my fiddle learning process so far.  Why, you may ask?  I guess that with music I like to be good at something right away and become impatient if I tend to not master it immediately.

One of my followers (lol) suggested that I go to a couple different sites to get some good instruction.  One was Violin Lab, and the other was a one on one instructor Chad Manning.  These were all find and dandy, until I discovered that the videos were just demo, and you have to pay for the course.  I can appreciate this as a music teacher, because it shouldn’t be a free gesture.  Maybe this is why the really good instruction doesn’t come for free!

This really hurts my pride posting videos of very screatchy, crikity, extremely begginer learning and music.  I am at a bit of a struggle right now and I am not sure where to go with my learning……

Until further notice..

Rubber dolly… not Rubber duck

Okay peeps I know that you have been anxiously awaiting my progress report and due to my sleepy internet, I have been at a loss.

But worry no more! Here it is, we have my next song I have been working on called Rubber Dolly.  I found a lady that I like learning from online, funny thing is that I don’t know her name, but she is very talented.  I like her teaching skills.

Most of all I like using my ear to learn though.  So I find that the people I am learning from I use as a guide.

Here is my next video, please enjoy… and brace yourself.



A new age …. continually learning

Started watching An anthropological introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch.  To be honest, after a few minutes the language he was using to discuss his material had me lost.  The just of the message that I was getting was that YouTube, as a means of social media, is just one of many tools that are being used to reshape humanity.  YouTube, once shared through other sources as well as, tagged, liked, posted, viewed and so on, becomes unlimited to the people it reaches throughout the world.

This week in my ecmp 355 class, Alec shared with us and taught us about the capabilities of the internet and the tools we have access to, to implement within our classroom as teachers.

I believe that through these two speakers we need to stay educated with what all people have access to, and how to use it, in order to stay engaged with our students and their families.  It is useful to understand the language of technology so that we may have better ways of communicating with our students and parents.

I already see the shift of communicating via facebook, email, twitter, etc. from the school, instead of sending notes home.  This is more environmentally friendly, but the fact is that parents are more likely to see a note sent to a device than sent home in a backpack.

Mastering the fiddle…. lol

So for my learning project, I have decided to complete a task that I have been humming and hawing about for a few years.  So this is perfect timing to dip my feet into this project.  If you looked at my e-portfolio, you may notice that under About me I have a tab called music, check it out if you like.

I have been a music teacher for 12 years now.  I teach guitar, piano, ukulele, and voice.  My oldest daughter is an amazing fiddle player, so I have decided to learn the fiddle.  She was quite upset when I told her it was something I had to learn online.  She said, “That’s stupid, why would you do that when there are very talented and good teachers right around you?”.  I told her it was par for the course, and she does not approve of learning that way! As I am laughing in the conversation I am very glad that she sees the importance of having face to face instruction.

I picked the fiddle because I have never tried it, the only advantage that I have is that I have learned many instruments and have training in sight reading and theory.  This task will still be very tricky.  I think the biggest challenge right now is finding proper instruction so that: a) I don’t learn improperly, b) that I have an instruction that is not too slow, but not too fast,  and c) That I find it enjoyable.


single story

Growing up my single story was very pale and stale based.  I grew up in a church believing that everything in the bible was the only truth in the world.  I also grew up in an area that was not multi-national or cultural.

One thing that I remember is that our neighbors that we had for a few years were darker than me.  I loved playing with the kids, but there was a rule that I was not allowed to go into their home.  I later found out this was due to the fact that the father was a drug dealer, not because of their race.

As I have grown older and through my experiences, with people, I have placed the bible as being a book that was based through the lense of a religious group of ‘Men’ that decided what was fit to be in the book and not.  When I felt that I had a solid foundation of learning it was comfortable and safe.  Now that my knowledge is being challenged it is very adventurous, scary and exciting.  I find that now I have a much more open mind to all different diversities and a wanting and willingness to learn.

I tend to be an empathetic person, I like to try to put myself in others’ shoes and challenge myself to look through different lenses

My Citizenship Training

First of all, it has been around 15 years since I last attended school; so I have been trying to rack my brain finding situations where I was taught about citizenship through a school environment.  The one situation that I can remember is in high school when we had to vote for our grad coordinators.  There were only two positions available and a hundred and sixty graduates.

I quickly learned that it soon became a popularity vote.  The two girls who won the vote had parents that were very well off as well they were extremely popular with the majority of the class population.  It didn’t matter if you liked them or not, everyone knew who was going to win based on popularity.

I think a lot of us subconsciously learn and develop a common sense about the rules of society within a school environment.  We want to believe that things change once we are out in the world, but quickly find out that it is quite similar.  You hear a lot of people say it’s not always what you have, but who you know when it comes to being successful.  As well, we find out that a lot of times it is still a popularity contest when we are choosing leaders and filling positions.

We are all treaty People

In Dr. Dwayne Donald’s discussion, he defines colonialism as “the extended process of the denial of relationship”.  He goes on to explain the importance of renewing and restoring relationship.  This does not mean learning about residential schools necessarily, and then continuing to shame and blame.  This is to face each other and start to develop an understanding of one another.

My advice to myself if I was in the situation that the university student was in, during the internship, would be patience.  I know in life that you can not change others and how they think, but you can be an example and be able to exemplify a positive outlook.  What others do with that is their choice.  I believe that we have to understand that as teachers.  I believe we need to introduce topics such as racism, gender diversity, and idea’s of white privilege before introducing how we need to embrace Aboriginal history and a reconciliation with how there was so much wrong done.  People need to first understand what was wrong with it.

This is definitely a process of understanding, which sadly 3 weeks of internship, is too short of a timeframe.  Planting a seed is what that student did, and he/she may not see what she sowed.  I love that fact that in order to redefine our relationship with First Nations, Claire has taken the approach of embracing treaty education within her entire year with her classroom.  Luckily it seemed that Claire is in a school where it is of importance to the staff and/or division.  This is important to have the support with the staff, in order to move forward.

As for the fact that we are all Treaty People, this is also a process.  I now classify myself as a Treaty Person, but it has taken me a full year to be comfortable saying it and understanding what that means.  For me, it means that all sides came to an agreement to share the land and all sides signed the treaty.  This means that we all are treaty people because it was the commitment of our relationship to one another