The perks to learning..

So during this online learning process, I have decided that I have both likes and dislikes.  I find that if I want a quick, cheap, and easy run down of how to learn something, the internet provides that opportunity.  If I want to truely master something, I feel that with my learning ability I would rather have face to face interaction to be able to have someone watch me and guide me on the spot.

Sometimes the internet is not a fast enough speed, or the connection is not great, so we end up waiting or missing things.

I also learned how it might be for someone in my class that has a different strength in learning.  Maybe some of them like the face to face interaction, but maybe some students prefer an online approach and the ability to self teach.

For my final learning project portion, I decided to play with a group of seasoned fiddle players (and one guitar player), to be able to enjoy what I have accomplished in a short amount of time.

I hope you enjoy the final product!



Helpful friends!


So this past week I had to chuckle while I was checking all my emails and Facebook and such.  I received a message from a friend in my kitchen party music friend circle.  It made me chuckle because it actually dawned on me that others were listening to my progress.  YIKES!! I guess it just became more of a reality to me!

So she was very encouraging and sent me some advice to help make my playing more relaxed to get a better feel.

Below is a message I received from my friend!  Thank you so much as this will help me to have a better bowing arm… I am very greatful for this way of learning because others can chip in to help in the process.



I decided not to record it, because it does sound really aweful! Spare your ears!


A new tune.. (Barlow Knife, I think I am too ambitious)

Okay so I decided to get adventurous again and try a new song that incorporated a new technique called droning.  This is a tricky technique that I have clearly not mastered yet.  I had fun learning from someone new.  Since I love to play by ear, I was able to just watch the video and pause and play as needed.  I learned from Laurel Parks.  She is a wonderful fiddle player.

I had to add some comic relief to this video because it is a bit hard to listen too.  Enjoy.

fine tuning …


So after being frustrated I decided to brush up on technique more than learning tunes.  So I found a few sites for bow hold, and hand placement.  These were more read through directions.  I wanted to see if I had an easier time understanding, or learning from reading directions instead of video learning.  Turns out that I hate it.

The instructions were very helpful, but I find that I like being told the directions instead of trying to figure out on my own with very little help.  I am starting to feel better than last week with my progress.  Turns out a little practice does help

Fiddle frustration….

So I have been frustrated with my fiddle learning process so far.  Why, you may ask?  I guess that with music I like to be good at something right away and become impatient if I tend to not master it immediately.

One of my followers (lol) suggested that I go to a couple different sites to get some good instruction.  One was Violin Lab, and the other was a one on one instructor Chad Manning.  These were all find and dandy, until I discovered that the videos were just demo, and you have to pay for the course.  I can appreciate this as a music teacher, because it shouldn’t be a free gesture.  Maybe this is why the really good instruction doesn’t come for free!

This really hurts my pride posting videos of very screatchy, crikity, extremely begginer learning and music.  I am at a bit of a struggle right now and I am not sure where to go with my learning……

Until further notice..

Rubber dolly… not Rubber duck

Okay peeps I know that you have been anxiously awaiting my progress report and due to my sleepy internet, I have been at a loss.

But worry no more! Here it is, we have my next song I have been working on called Rubber Dolly.  I found a lady that I like learning from online, funny thing is that I don’t know her name, but she is very talented.  I like her teaching skills.

Most of all I like using my ear to learn though.  So I find that the people I am learning from I use as a guide.

Here is my next video, please enjoy… and brace yourself.



Living in a village with SLOW internet…

Okay people, especially my class #ecmp 355, you may have thought that something bad happened to me or that I was in danger, but I reassure you that I am fine.  My internet has been horribly slow and I have been stuck around the house.  So I apologize that I haven’t posted my awesome fiddle progress, but waiting for my videos to upload to YouTube has been EXTREMELY painful!!

So now I have access to some quick internet, so I will be back in the game.  I really wish that I didn’t have to depend on the internet so much.  I feel like it controls my life now… lol

I will tell you how bad it is, for those of you that know me really well (probably only Kim Thue in this class) You would know that I don’t swear, and I don’t like to swear.  The internet connection is so slow though, that I JUST ABOUT swore.  I know, I know, it was close.

Anywho, be prepared for some posts!

Frustrated with LIZA JANE… lol

okay so I have run across some interesting fiddle instruction.  I have found that the sound of the YouTube clip makes a huge difference to me.  If I have my computer volume all the way up and I still can’t hear the voice or it is muffled, that completely irritates me, like a certain channel.

So one thing I appreciate about YouTube is that  when you are searching for specific video there are other options on the right hand side that are related to your search.  this is how I found help with technique on the fiddle:

So I have used these techniques to help with the first song I am learning which is LIZA JANE…. oh poor Liza Jane may sound sick in my video clip….

Please be understanding .. lol




Beginner Fiddle… Cover your ears!

Okay so if some of you are unaware, I am a musician already.  I am classicly trained in piano, self-taught guitar and I am a vocalist as well.  So this week I decided to start out with playing scales first to get used to the fiddle.  You have to have a very good ear to play the fiddle because unlike the guitar, mandolin, banjo and other stringed instruments, this family of instruments does not have frets.  Frets are basically guidelines of where to place your fingers.

I am basically finding online videos, I haven’t found one that I really like yet.  So this is just the basics of a scale.  Once I find a really good online teacher I will post next week who I am going to learn from.

One thing I like about learning online is that I can work at my own pace and I can start and stop the video as I need.  I am not liking the fact that I can not ask on the spot questions to know if I am doing something correctly.  I have told my daughter not to help as I want the full experience of depending on online teaching.

So I posted a video of my daughter whom I would like to play like, as well as me showing some of my actual skill on the piano and then the second video is of me trying my best on a scale.  Hope you enjoy!



Mastering the fiddle…. lol

So for my learning project, I have decided to complete a task that I have been humming and hawing about for a few years.  So this is perfect timing to dip my feet into this project.  If you looked at my e-portfolio, you may notice that under About me I have a tab called music, check it out if you like.

I have been a music teacher for 12 years now.  I teach guitar, piano, ukulele, and voice.  My oldest daughter is an amazing fiddle player, so I have decided to learn the fiddle.  She was quite upset when I told her it was something I had to learn online.  She said, “That’s stupid, why would you do that when there are very talented and good teachers right around you?”.  I told her it was par for the course, and she does not approve of learning that way! As I am laughing in the conversation I am very glad that she sees the importance of having face to face instruction.

I picked the fiddle because I have never tried it, the only advantage that I have is that I have learned many instruments and have training in sight reading and theory.  This task will still be very tricky.  I think the biggest challenge right now is finding proper instruction so that: a) I don’t learn improperly, b) that I have an instruction that is not too slow, but not too fast,  and c) That I find it enjoyable.