Contribution to others learning!

Well, I feel that I was able to help only a little when it came to contributing to others learning.  The reason being that I was either working when people were posting questions or by the time I had seen the post or question it had already been answered by others. Overall I did the best that I could to help anyone out if I had the proper knowledge.

4 ways I was able to help out:


through twitter I would post educational information or resources that I found pertained to the class, but also that were some good tools for the classroom.



I feel that I love to share and chat so I always loved to be able to share my opinion in class as well as share with what our group had discussed.  It was really hard for me to be quiet when Katia would ask for someone to speak that doesn’t normally!

Google +

Google was great! I have had to use it for another class.  This was the place that was hard to help out on because others were so quick to respond! But I managed to get a few helpful tips out there!



I found that I was more encourageing with blogs, but I did feel that I had a moment of devils advocate on some certain topics pertaining to social activism. 😈

All in all this was a great experience and so much better to learn with an amazing group of people that helped me out in return!


End of my learning journey..

Well it is … to say that this is it for ECMP 355, unless I have failed the class.  I have put together this digital compilation for you all.  There is a very creative song at the end so please stay tuned..


Activism ONLINE….

This is something that I steer clear from… If there is one thing that I find irritating on facebook or online it is people posting there stance on a certain issue, whether it be political, religious, or even racial and then to see the banter that it creates for everyone to see.

After reading Katia’s post my point of view was altered a bit.  I still have a tension within my own life of what is worth posting and not.  If I can’t decide or if it feels to uncomfortable for me I tend to not post or react.

I have made a rule for myself to not get involved in any sort of banter online to deal with big issues, because I feel that my words are lost over the hundreds of other people that comment and in turn what has that accomplished?

I feel that if people are making educated posts, comments, and standing up for the right reasons that the activism can be positive and influential.  More times than not I feel like it becomes a boxing ring and a lot of people become inhuman and animal like in there attacks against each other.

This may be wrong of me, but I like to stay out of the lime light.

The perks to learning..

So during this online learning process, I have decided that I have both likes and dislikes.  I find that if I want a quick, cheap, and easy run down of how to learn something, the internet provides that opportunity.  If I want to truely master something, I feel that with my learning ability I would rather have face to face interaction to be able to have someone watch me and guide me on the spot.

Sometimes the internet is not a fast enough speed, or the connection is not great, so we end up waiting or missing things.

I also learned how it might be for someone in my class that has a different strength in learning.  Maybe some of them like the face to face interaction, but maybe some students prefer an online approach and the ability to self teach.

For my final learning project portion, I decided to play with a group of seasoned fiddle players (and one guitar player), to be able to enjoy what I have accomplished in a short amount of time.

I hope you enjoy the final product!


Helpful friends!


So this past week I had to chuckle while I was checking all my emails and Facebook and such.  I received a message from a friend in my kitchen party music friend circle.  It made me chuckle because it actually dawned on me that others were listening to my progress.  YIKES!! I guess it just became more of a reality to me!

So she was very encouraging and sent me some advice to help make my playing more relaxed to get a better feel.

Below is a message I received from my friend!  Thank you so much as this will help me to have a better bowing arm… I am very greatful for this way of learning because others can chip in to help in the process.



I decided not to record it, because it does sound really aweful! Spare your ears!


A new tune.. (Barlow Knife, I think I am too ambitious)

Okay so I decided to get adventurous again and try a new song that incorporated a new technique called droning.  This is a tricky technique that I have clearly not mastered yet.  I had fun learning from someone new.  Since I love to play by ear, I was able to just watch the video and pause and play as needed.  I learned from Laurel Parks.  She is a wonderful fiddle player.

I had to add some comic relief to this video because it is a bit hard to listen too.  Enjoy.

fine tuning …


So after being frustrated I decided to brush up on technique more than learning tunes.  So I found a few sites for bow hold, and hand placement.  These were more read through directions.  I wanted to see if I had an easier time understanding, or learning from reading directions instead of video learning.  Turns out that I hate it.

The instructions were very helpful, but I find that I like being told the directions instead of trying to figure out on my own with very little help.  I am starting to feel better than last week with my progress.  Turns out a little practice does help

Fiddle frustration….

So I have been frustrated with my fiddle learning process so far.  Why, you may ask?  I guess that with music I like to be good at something right away and become impatient if I tend to not master it immediately.

One of my followers (lol) suggested that I go to a couple different sites to get some good instruction.  One was Violin Lab, and the other was a one on one instructor Chad Manning.  These were all find and dandy, until I discovered that the videos were just demo, and you have to pay for the course.  I can appreciate this as a music teacher, because it shouldn’t be a free gesture.  Maybe this is why the really good instruction doesn’t come for free!

This really hurts my pride posting videos of very screatchy, crikity, extremely begginer learning and music.  I am at a bit of a struggle right now and I am not sure where to go with my learning……

Until further notice..

Rubber dolly… not Rubber duck

Okay peeps I know that you have been anxiously awaiting my progress report and due to my sleepy internet, I have been at a loss.

But worry no more! Here it is, we have my next song I have been working on called Rubber Dolly.  I found a lady that I like learning from online, funny thing is that I don’t know her name, but she is very talented.  I like her teaching skills.

Most of all I like using my ear to learn though.  So I find that the people I am learning from I use as a guide.

Here is my next video, please enjoy… and brace yourself.



Have we lost the ability to empathize?

Wow, mind has been blown while watching Sextortion of Amanda Todd, Stalking Amanda Todd: The man in the shadows, Sext Up Kids, The Price of Shame, and “One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life”.  I know that we only had to watch one or two, but I found them so intriguing that I could not stop watching these documentaries and TED talks.

I was able to watch these videos through different lenses.  I am a woman (once a young teenager), I am a mother to 3 girls one being 13, and I have an understanding for protocol dealing with law enforcement.

In watching Amanda Todd’s story, it was disturbing that her case was seemed to be put on the back burner so to say.  This is common when we are dealing with young teenagers.  We tend to find ways to lessen there problems in our minds, or even deem them to be dramatic or the cause of their own problems.  As this is can be partially true, we need to remind ourselves of how we felt growing up, and not undermind young adults.  Whether they are crying wolf or not, that is not for us to determine in the moment, our job is to make sure their needs are met and deal with the reality after we know they are safe.

In, The Price of Shame, and One Tweet Can Ruin Your life, I feel that the two speakers spoke to how I feel about all of this social media that is shared and sent to all our friends.  We have lost the ability to empathize for others through social media.  It is hard enough to teach empathy to children and adults in face to face interaction.  So when we have the ability to hind behind a screen and not necessarily be held accountable for our actions we have an easier time joining the crowd in the ridicule, laughing, bashing, and bullying at another persons expense.

I was going to look up an article to talk about, but I have a real life story to share.  I have an acquaintance that I know whose daughter’s mind has been toyed with and lied to.  I mean that she believes that it is to be the desire of a woman to be hyper-sexualized, and that is what the world wants.  She is drawn towards the perverted view of how woman are portrayed in the world when it comes what men want.  It is not realistic, but it has affected her view of herself and how she should be in a relationship.

This is why we need to make it important to teach kids the importance of digital citizenship and identity.  They are exposed to so much that there minds are not mature enough to grasp onto what is real and not.