Personal development project!

An assignment was given to me in my EPE class in university to come up with a Personal Development Plan.  We were given freedom in what we chose, but it was supposed to be something that was beneficial to our physical, emotional, spiritual well being.

It was no question to me what I was going to do.  I already felt like I was unbalanced in my life and I was aftaid that my family was feeling the brunt of this imbalance.  So I chose to direct my plan to spending more time with my family amongst the chaos of school, work, and family.

We had to fight the battle of a busy lifestyle, with becoming organized and scheduled in order to make the plan work.  Sometimes the weather was a challenge to plans that we made, but there was always a solution when it was about spending time together as a family.

This is important for me to put into practice so that when I have a full time career I will know how to plan for family. Too often we let life take control and we lose our time in a blink of an eye.  I want to be mindful of today and remember what I have right in front of me.

The following is a reflection of my journey, I hope you enjoy!


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