In all honesty this is probably the first time I have read through a review of my work that was handed in.  This process causes me such anxiety.  I had to wrk up the courage and physically make myself read through both reviews.  It was easy to hear the good stuff, but when it came to the more criticizing part of things I became irritated and frustrated.

I don’t like to hear that I am not doing the best job.  Even though I know I have struggled a bit with this assignment, I didn’t want to hear anything negative from anyone else.  I give what I can, and I know sometimes that is not enough.  I have become okay with that though, just in order to get through this difficult time of hard work.

I appreciate the feedback and have found that some may think my commitment has not been quite clear or lost direction.  I have found this is because you can not necessarily force relationship or make someone else’s time frame fit yours.  That is actually a selfish thing to do.  So instead I have been alert and waiting for opportunities to be able to engage with elders of my community.

It is hard to keep giving when you are starting to feel empty.


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