Engagement realization….

So my engagement is to seek guidance from elders and in doing so exchange a return of an act of kindness or a favour.

So this week I met for tea 🍵 with a beautiful lady.  (Name wants to be unknown) she is not to keen about this internet stuff.  She has told me how she just wanted to have tea as she is lonely these days.  I was able to do her dishes for her at least.

She, herself, had gone back for education when she had children too.  She said in the moments she felt horrible, but in retrospect she had made the right choice.  Times were hard and she was determined to help out and contribute to the family finances.

Her advice to me was to breathe, even when things become chaotic, sit back reflect, be thankful and remind yourself of the purpose.  She then said, “do what you need, no more no less”.  More will bring stress and less will bring failure, but it’s a fine line.

I feel more calm after talking to her, but I know it will still be a process of trying to find that line…


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