Change of heart!

In my process of becoming an active citizen for ESST317, I found myself evaluating what that process should look like.  Even though Audrey and Katia have probably said it over and over, it is hard for us as students to change our way of thinking like a university student and becoming an active citizen.

It finally dawned on me that this is not some ASSIGNMENT, but it should be a practice of engaging in something important on a daily basis.  Being aware of the people around us, the moment we are in and engaging.  This is actucally living and engaging instead of going from point A to point B everyday of our lives.

This weekend we had some friends that came to see us from Steinback, Manitoba.  They are a very musical family similar to ours.  Their three children play fiddle, cello, and banjo.  So yesterday as they were all playing together we decided to pack up our instruments and go to the closest nursing home and jam in front of them (share our gifts for them to enjoy).  IMG_2982

It was so wonderful!  We did not call ahead, we just walked in, and the looks of the faces of all the residents was priceless.  Usually it is a quiet audience, but yesterday they were hooting and hollering, clapping, smiling, and even tears were shed because of memorable songs.

Needless to say, being an active citizen should come from the heart.  It should be something that becomes a part of your life because you see a need for it.  It should not be some assignment that you force yourself to do for a mark or a grade.  This was a wonderful moment for me as I was able to see the elderly be emotionally moved by the music.  It was also a wonderful, teachable moment for the the children to see how they can connect with others.


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