Burton.. the giver


I had the amazing opportunity of being able to travel to Cape Breton this last week.  I have realized that my mindset and lense which I look through has changed in the last year or two.  Not only was I enjoying the great beauty around me, I was also looking for whose story is being told everywhere I was.

Even though I am still in Canada, Cape Breton Island is quite different from my little Saskatchewan.  I noticed many differences even within the culture of the people that reside there.  On this Island everyone, from everywhere, is accepted and loved.  We drove all over from Sydney, Judique, Wycocomagh, West Mabou, Baddeck, Fort Louisburg, and Ignoish.  If you notice from the names of the communities there is a representation of the settlers and the Idigenious people of the land.  There are signs all over that represent the Mi’kmaq, Gaelic, and French language.  Every place we went to, wether it was a hall, school or even a community center we would see representation of all cultures together.




Our first day, we met Burton MacIntyre, this man is so full of life and enthusiasm for other people.  He was a school teacher for 35 years, and you can tell he still appreciates the young people and is interested in helping them learn and thrive.  I immediately tought of my assignment in Social and decided that I would exchange myself to do something for him to hear some of his knowledge.  As I was talking to him he immediatley jumped up and said, “I will answer all your questions, as long as you take the time to dance with me!” I laughed and agreed.  This man is in his late 70’s and he danced for 3 hours straight not a word of a lie.

We xchanged ideas about teaching and children, what works and what doesn’t, little things about the people we will work with, and so on.  The most important thing he told me, was the importance to love the people we meet and to make sure we love what we are doing is what we need to keep at the forefront of our hearts.  I agree with him.  It was so refreshing, fun, and I have never felt so much joy with another stranger…

The following is a clip of burt (Burton) dancing for the kids…. while they are playing and taking part in a Celidh!  We call them a jam in saskatchewan..lol


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