citizenship flop or not?

So I believe that I had one of the most packed up weeks of my life.  I had friday off, but in kicked family duties and motherly roles.  I had dentist and doctor appointments that I had to run all over Saskatchewan for ( as I live in a village ).  This weekend was the Treaty Education conferance as well I had two live performances to be at.  One on Saturday night and the other on Sunday afternoon.

I was beating myself up as I wanted to help out my neighbor Hank and be able to visit with him.  It wasn’t until I realized that in doing the two performances/gigs, that I was giving of my own time and resources to help a group of young teens be able to raise money for their trip to Cape Breton.

I find that often in times we get caught up in the chaios of life and we are trying to juggle to many things in order to fufill obligations and commitments.  When it is in those times that we are actually engaging in our goals or purpose without be aware.

I believe that the goal in our social studies course is to become and engaged citizen, make a footprint, realize ways that we can be a better version of ourselves.  This weekend amidst the hurricane of duties and commitments I was being a good citizen to those around me that were in need of my service.  I was able to listen to the words of two elders on saturday that shared their story and their wisdom of life.

One thing that resonated with me from listening to the elders is that we need to focus on the positive.  We can not continually be blaming the past for where we are in life, but grab onto who and where we are today and hold onto the positives that we have now.IMG_2584Look at these beautiful faces! I feel that I have accomplished making a postive footprint this week!


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