Contribution to others learning!

Well, I feel that I was able to help only a little when it came to contributing to others learning.  The reason being that I was either working when people were posting questions or by the time I had seen the post or question it had already been answered by others. Overall I did the best that I could to help anyone out if I had the proper knowledge.

4 ways I was able to help out:


through twitter I would post educational information or resources that I found pertained to the class, but also that were some good tools for the classroom.



I feel that I love to share and chat so I always loved to be able to share my opinion in class as well as share with what our group had discussed.  It was really hard for me to be quiet when Katia would ask for someone to speak that doesn’t normally!

Google +

Google was great! I have had to use it for another class.  This was the place that was hard to help out on because others were so quick to respond! But I managed to get a few helpful tips out there!



I found that I was more encourageing with blogs, but I did feel that I had a moment of devils advocate on some certain topics pertaining to social activism. 😈

All in all this was a great experience and so much better to learn with an amazing group of people that helped me out in return!


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