The perks to learning..

So during this online learning process, I have decided that I have both likes and dislikes.  I find that if I want a quick, cheap, and easy run down of how to learn something, the internet provides that opportunity.  If I want to truely master something, I feel that with my learning ability I would rather have face to face interaction to be able to have someone watch me and guide me on the spot.

Sometimes the internet is not a fast enough speed, or the connection is not great, so we end up waiting or missing things.

I also learned how it might be for someone in my class that has a different strength in learning.  Maybe some of them like the face to face interaction, but maybe some students prefer an online approach and the ability to self teach.

For my final learning project portion, I decided to play with a group of seasoned fiddle players (and one guitar player), to be able to enjoy what I have accomplished in a short amount of time.

I hope you enjoy the final product!



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