Activism ONLINE….

This is something that I steer clear from… If there is one thing that I find irritating on facebook or online it is people posting there stance on a certain issue, whether it be political, religious, or even racial and then to see the banter that it creates for everyone to see.

After reading Katia’s post my point of view was altered a bit.  I still have a tension within my own life of what is worth posting and not.  If I can’t decide or if it feels to uncomfortable for me I tend to not post or react.

I have made a rule for myself to not get involved in any sort of banter online to deal with big issues, because I feel that my words are lost over the hundreds of other people that comment and in turn what has that accomplished?

I feel that if people are making educated posts, comments, and standing up for the right reasons that the activism can be positive and influential.  More times than not I feel like it becomes a boxing ring and a lot of people become inhuman and animal like in there attacks against each other.

This may be wrong of me, but I like to stay out of the lime light.

One thought on “Activism ONLINE….

  1. I agree that it’s a delicate line Jacquie. The other thing to remember is though, that not commenting on anything, is different than commenting on a lot of issues, but leaving out particular ones. If you sre the type of person who really voices concerns online and then is silent during really obvious times that comments should be made, I think that stands out as wrong. If you don’t really use social media on that fashion though, it’s unfair to read to much into silence on any particular topic.


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