Have we lost the ability to empathize?

Wow, mind has been blown while watching Sextortion of Amanda Todd, Stalking Amanda Todd: The man in the shadows, Sext Up Kids, The Price of Shame, and “One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life”.  I know that we only had to watch one or two, but I found them so intriguing that I could not stop watching these documentaries and TED talks.

I was able to watch these videos through different lenses.  I am a woman (once a young teenager), I am a mother to 3 girls one being 13, and I have an understanding for protocol dealing with law enforcement.

In watching Amanda Todd’s story, it was disturbing that her case was seemed to be put on the back burner so to say.  This is common when we are dealing with young teenagers.  We tend to find ways to lessen there problems in our minds, or even deem them to be dramatic or the cause of their own problems.  As this is can be partially true, we need to remind ourselves of how we felt growing up, and not undermind young adults.  Whether they are crying wolf or not, that is not for us to determine in the moment, our job is to make sure their needs are met and deal with the reality after we know they are safe.

In, The Price of Shame, and One Tweet Can Ruin Your life, I feel that the two speakers spoke to how I feel about all of this social media that is shared and sent to all our friends.  We have lost the ability to empathize for others through social media.  It is hard enough to teach empathy to children and adults in face to face interaction.  So when we have the ability to hind behind a screen and not necessarily be held accountable for our actions we have an easier time joining the crowd in the ridicule, laughing, bashing, and bullying at another persons expense.

I was going to look up an article to talk about, but I have a real life story to share.  I have an acquaintance that I know whose daughter’s mind has been toyed with and lied to.  I mean that she believes that it is to be the desire of a woman to be hyper-sexualized, and that is what the world wants.  She is drawn towards the perverted view of how woman are portrayed in the world when it comes what men want.  It is not realistic, but it has affected her view of herself and how she should be in a relationship.

This is why we need to make it important to teach kids the importance of digital citizenship and identity.  They are exposed to so much that there minds are not mature enough to grasp onto what is real and not.


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